Find eBook best deals and download PDF Dio Chrysostom: Discourses 1-11 (I-XI)(Loeb Classical Library No. 257) (Greek and English Edition) by Dio Chrysostom

Dio Chrysostom:  Discourses 1-11 (I-XI)(Loeb Classical Library No. 257) (Greek and English Edition) by Dio Chrysostom

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Typical examples of pseudoscience and superstition (the list is not exhaustive): Astrology, Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, ghosts; "Evil eye", color aura around the head of each person (individual selection of colors), psychic abilities - telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, the ability to see distant places; unlucky number 13 (and therefore in office buildings and hotels on US 12 is located directly on the floor of the 14th - the business people do not want to risk); bleeding statues; rabbit's foot (if you carry with you this bloody piece of meat) to bring good luck; magic vine with all its varieties and other magical ways to find water; "Establish communication" with autism; Razor blades are not blunted by keeping them inside small cardboard pyramids (this is just one of many "long-peers' advice); phone calls from the dead (it should be the same - the dead do pay for calls, never call by the interlocutor); Nostradamus prophecies; earthworms eating their trained some tricks comrades inherit information from them; when the full moon is committed more crimes; palmistry, numerology, lie detector; divination by comets, tea leaves and newborns "freaks" (at the time were fashionable, and other ways to know the future: the entrails of victims, flames shadows, excrement, something predicted stomach rumbling, one time even reconciled with the logarithms of the table); Photos ancient events (such as the crucifixion of Jesus); Russian Talking Elephant; Another kind of psychics - if blindfolded (but do not overdo it), they will read the book with your fingers; Edgar Cayce [90], who predicted the return of Atlantis from the depths of water somewhere in the 1960s, and many other clairvoyants, prophesying in a dream and reality.; miracle diets; out of body (that is on the verge of death) experience, understood as real events experienced in a different world; faith healing; Ouija board [91] Ouija; emotional world of geraniums, opened with all the same lie detector; water, remembers what substances were dissolved in it before; the character of the person who can be identified by a person or by a bump on the head; hundredth monkey effect, and other variations on the theme "that recognizes the truth of a small part of mankind, then let it be true '; spontaneous combustion, in which a person turns into a firebrand; biorhythms, reduced to three cycles; perpetual motion machine; inexhaustible reserves of energy (for one reason or another are not available for closer examination); never self-fulfilling prophecy Jean Dixon (in 1953 it primereschilos Soviet invasion of Iran, and in 1965, she said that Russian and outstrip Americans first landed on the Moon [92]) and other professional clairvoyants; unfulfilled prophecy of Jehovah's Witnesses on the end of the world in 1917, and these prophecies do not count; Dianetics and Scientology; Castaneda and "magic"; search for Noah's Ark; "Horror Amitivilya" [93] and other cases of "haunted houses"; brontosaurs small, wandering in the Congo jungle. A detailed discussion of the many miracles of this kind can be found in "The Encyclopedia of the Paranormal

Dio Chrysostom: Discourses 1-11 (I-XI)(Loeb Classical Library No. 257) (Greek and English Edition)

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